Message from the Chief

 Joseph A. Sinagra














As the calendar turns to December and the end of the year draws upon us, I want to thank all of our residents, and all of our business owners for making this year a most enjoyable one.  AS a reminder, the door of this office is always open as this administration looks forward to hearing from you, the public regarding our performance.  As your Chief of the Saugerties Police Department, I am determined to ensure that every man and woman of our agency works diligently to serve our citizens, business owners and visitors with courtesy, dignity and respect.  It is very important to me, as your police chief that your concerns don’t fall on deaf ears, but rather that they are met with a sincere reassurance of how we can better serve you and our community. 

With the holiday season nearly upon us, the Saugerties Police Department would like to offer a few suggestions for safeguarding your shopping experience, whether here in our Town and Village, or anywhere else.

1. Pay attention to your surroundings.  At this time of the year, we’re all pre-occupied with holiday plans, lost in thought about all of the things that we need to get done.  It’s important to remain aware of your surroundings while you’re out and about; please don’t allow yourself to become so preoccupied with your mental to-do list that you’re unable to assess potential dangers.  Try to park in well lighted areas if you are shopping at night.  If you see something or someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, go back into the building/Store and ask for a security officer or store employee to escort you to your car. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance!  Many businesses hire extra staff or security personnel to assist them during this time of year.

2. Secure your belongings.  While on a shopping trip, ALWAYS lock your vehicle between stops and secure your packages in your vehicle’s trunk or, at the very least, cover them with a blanket and lock your doors.  Also, hide your GPS, iPods and all other electronic devices, including their chargers.  In addition, remove loose change from your cup holders, or any other areas visible from outside your car.  Often, if you remove the temptation of valuables left in plain sight, a would-be thief will walk right past your car.

3. Don’t make yourself an easy target.  Dress casually, don’t wear expensive jewelry and avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you. When possible, pay for purchases with a check or credit/debit card.  Keep all of your credit card numbers and account information at home and notify your credit card company immediately if your card(s) becomes lost or stolen.  Don’t overload yourself with packages when walking to your vehicle and have your keys ready before you get to your vehicle.

The Saugerties Police Department regularly patrols our business district on foot, and police cruisers, which provides for rapid response times to most incidents.


L.L. No. 7-2007 prohibits the parking of all vehicles on all highways within this Village between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. beginning on December 15 each year through March 15 of the following year.


L.L. No. 1-2010 The parking of vehicles is prohibited on all County and Town highways between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. from the 15th day of November to the 15th day of April.