Message from the Chief

 Joseph A. Sinagra














  Have you ever hear of  BHO: Butane Hash Oil            

Dabs, Honey Oil, Hash Oil, Wax, Earwax, Hash Oil, Budder, Shatter, Errl ????


 “dabs” or “wax” is concentrated THC (Found in Marihuana)


Use of this form of THC is spreading quickly and there are many concerns. This is a highly concentrated cannabis product (60-80% THC) that can be smoked, vaporized, or made into candy and many other edibles attractive to yo uth and young adults, easily concealed with little odor or other sign of use. These products can produce a prolonged and extreme high with dangerous side effects, including intense paranoia and anxiety.


BHO is manufactured in a process using easy to obtain ingredients and equipment. There are an abundance of do it yourself tutorials available online. Marijuana buds are cooked down in a dangerous process using butane gas to extract THC. Butane gas is highly flammable and extremely volatile. Reheating the wax for use is also dangerous as even static electricity has the potential to cause the butane to spark in a poorly ventilated room causing fire or severe burns.


The product can be used in a multitude of ways. Dabbing refers to placing a very small dab of the wax on the head of a nail and heating. E-cigarette-type devices or altered e-cigarettes are used with the addition of flavoring to produce a very pleasant, low odor vapor that can be used in public without detection. Methods and possible paraphernalia can include: “Vape pens” bongs, pipes, soldering irons, torch lighters, hot plate, electric skillet and glass rods.


Other forms are also of significant concern. Shatter is a product that resembles hard candy and can be quite pleasantly flavored while packing a THC wallop, and it could not be more easy to disguise or conceal. The term “710” is used similarly to the reference 420 - the universal time and date to get high. In this case, 710 is the word “OIL” turned upside down, making a popular drug reference with a date of July 10 and 7:10 as the time to use.


This is the perfect storm for adolescent substance abuse. Only 20% of Ulster County 12th graders think that marijuana is harmful (2012 UC YDS).  The Marijuana culture, unlike other drug use, values pooling resources, sharing, and using with peers. Adolescents are likely to disregard harm and act more impulsively in proportion to the number of peers present. Adolescents experience many risky behaviors as exciting and even euphoric. In addition, adolescents often feel that they are special and unique, so much so that none of life's difficulties or problems will affect them regardless of their behavior.


This information has been provided on behalf of the Saugerties Police and the Ulster Prevention Council.