Message from the Chief

 Joseph A. Sinagra















My message for the month of May is a little late and for that I apologize. May has been a very busy month thus far here at the police department. 


As the weather has warmed up, slowly, nevertheless, the weather steadily is getting better with each passing day.  Nicer weather contributes to more outdoor activities thus increasing the likelihood of children darting into the street when playing.  Please remember that your primary objective and sole responsibility as a motorist is to always have full control over the operation of your motor vehicle. Our beautiful parks are now open and soon so will be our village beach. Please driver safely and responsibly.


We recently held our annual department awards ceremony here at police headquarters. The purpose of this annual event is to recognize those officers of the Saugerties police Department whom in the past year performed acts of heroism, excellence in outstanding police investigations and meritorious service. A copy of this year’s award recipients can be found on our home page under the heading 2016 Awards Ceremony.


Our administration has been very busy these past several months planning new strategies for addressing effective policing in our community.  Beginning in June, we will be instituting a program called “Blue and Gray”.  The program is a collaborative effort pairing Saugerties Police Officers with NYS Troopers.  The blue and gray duo will be assigned to proactive policing assignments that specifically target quality of life issues in both the village and town of Saugerties.  It will not be uncommon to see a Saugerties Police Officer riding in a NYS Police Car, or a NYS Trooper exiting a Saugerties Police car at the scene of an incident. This program will run over the summer months, during those times of peak criminal activity based on past year’s statistical data.  

 At the end of May we will be celebrating Memorial Day Weekend the 27th – 30th.  We hope everyone enjoys a happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend and we’d like to remind everyone to plan ahead if you plan to drink.  If you’re going to party, be sure to select a designated driver who will remain sober and get you home safely. Don’t take the chance of getting behind the wheel after drinking. There’s simply no way to drive safely if you’re impaired. Think of others before you put yourself and the rest of Ulster County at risk by driving while intoxicated.  To those who make the bad choice of driving impaired; you will be greeted by law enforcement officers. The Saugerties Police in addition to other police agencies throughout NYS will be deploying extra DWI Patrols through local STOP DWI Programs and NYS State Crack down Funding during this holiday weekend.


If you plan to hold a holiday party at your home please remember that Ulster County has a Social Host Liability Act which imposes civil liability upon any individual who knowingly serves or permits alcohol to be served to a minor if that minor causes injury to another as a result of his or her intoxication. Section 260.20 of the Penal Law of the State of New York authorizes the prosecution of any individual who gives, sells or causes to be given or sold any alcoholic beverage to a person less than 21 years old.