Message from the Chief

 Joseph A. Sinagra















Happy New Year !!!  As I look back on 2014 I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone by.  I must say what a tremendous turnout we had for our first ever New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.  I continue to be amazed at the spirit and patronage our community fosters on each and every event we have.  I thank all of you who came out, in spite of the cold weather, ringing in this New Year with friends and family on Main Street in the Village.  I could not have asked for a better beginning to 2015 then to spend my time with each and every one of you !!

Your police department continued to move forward in 2014, engaging in a number of new community oriented policing programs. Early in 2014 we entered into a collaborative partnership with the Worker’s Justice Program of Ulster County, providing legal identification cards to those in our community who lacked any real form of legal identification.  This provided a first time opportunity for police to meet with and begin breaking down barriers between our immigrant community members and law enforcement.  This effort, which continued throughout the year, has been very successful.

As promised in January of 2014, we engaged in an aggressive pedestrian safety program providing both educational and enforcement components through a progressive methodology.  By year’s end, both motorist and pedestrians were tickets for failure to abide by the NYS vehicle and traffic laws designed to enhance pedestrian safety. My New Year’s Wish is for no fatality related pedestrian accidents in 2015.

Training once again was at the forefront of our manifest in 2014, as the members of the department participated in over 1,500 hours of training; covering topics ranging from legal updates, firearms, less then lethal engagements, pursuit driving, naloxone administration, interview and interrogation, breathalyzer, active shooter, evidence identification/gathering, and many more topics that are germane toward increased professionalism of your department.

In 2015, we will continue toward providing police services at the level of expectation our community demands and deserves from us.  My door, as in previous years, remains open to anyone wishing to come in and meet with this administration regardless of your agenda.  I want to hear about all of the good things your police department does. I also want to hear of any bad things we are doing; regardless if it’s a personnel complaint of a procedural error.  As I have always stated, “If it’s broke and no one tells me, I can’t fix it.”  It is extremely important to this administration that we meet and when possible exceed your expectation of the style of policing you want in your community.      

May God Bless and protect each and every one of you in 2015 !!!